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Chun Doo-hwan’s bereaved families do not reflect on “We are also unjust victims of 5/18”

Former President Chun Doo-hwan, who was charged with defamation of a lion on March 11, 2019, arrives at the Gwangju District Court in Dong-gu, Gwangju. Reporter Lee Seok-woo [email protected]

Chun Doo-hwan, who died on the 23rd, is survived by his wife Lee Soon-ja, sons Jae-guk, Jae-yong, and Jae-man, and daughter Hyo-seon.

His wife, Lee, published an autobiography titled in March 2017. In this book, Mr. Lee distorted historical facts and showed no reflection on historical facts, such as expressing that “my husband and I are also unjust victims of the 5/18 incident” and “Chun Doo-hwan’s coup d’état was a selfless coup.”

Regarding the fact that Chun gave the order to fire at the time of the violent suppression of the May 18 Democratization Movement, Lee argued that “he who was in charge of the investigation and information officer at the time was never in a position to issue an order to fire.” Lee expressed his injustice about the 5·18 incident by describing it as “somehow, I followed my husband like a nightmare, which had nothing to do with the Gwangju incident” and “for a long time I was framed as a massacre of civilians.” Regarding the 5/18 victims, Mr. Lee said, “They are not the victims because of us, but we are also the unfortunate victims of the 5.18 incident.” Regarding Jeon, “My husband is the father of democracy in Korea.

Regarding the resignation of former President Choi Kyu-ha due to the coercion of the new military command led by Jeon, he argued that “Rather than that, former President Choi fervently recommended that her husband be his successor.”

While visiting the funeral home of former President Roh Tae-woo on the 28th of last month, Lee was asked if he had any intention of apologizing to the family of May 18, but he did not answer. This contrasts with former President Roh’s son Jae-heon, who repeatedly apologized for the 5/18 incident.

In 1997, the Supreme Court sentenced Chun to life imprisonment on charges of rebellion and bribery, and ordered him to pay a fine of 220.5 billion won. Jeon paid 31.28 billion won, but after that, he insisted on holding on, saying, “I only have 290,000 won.” In 2013, when the prosecution set up a dedicated team and began to enforce fines, such as placing the construction site operated by his eldest son, Jae-guk at a public auction, in September of the same year, Mr. . At that time, Jae-guk promised to voluntarily pay for the house in Yeonhui-dong, where Jeon lived, but Lee Sun-ja and others filed a lawsuit against the state to cancel the sale. As a result, the Supreme Court decided that the main house in the name of Mrs. Lee, not the annex in the name of Chun, could not be sold for public sale.

The eldest son, Jae-guk, ran a publishing company, but sold it in 2018. In 2013, Newstapa reported that Jae-guk had established an offshore company in an overseas tax haven. It is known that the second son, Jaeyong, is currently studying at a seminary to pursue a career as a pastor. Jaeyong was sentenced to 4 billion won in fines for tax evasion in 2015, but was sentenced to 965 days of labor for failing to pay 3.86 billion won. Jae-yong was criticized as ’emperor’s labor’ by forfeiting a fine of 4 million won each for 8 hours of labor a day. The third son, Jaeman, runs a winery business in California, USA. Her daughter, Hyo-sun, married in 1985, Yoon Sang-hyeon, a member of the People’s Strength, and divorced in 2005.

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