Monday, November 29

For these reasons, America advises its citizens to avoid traveling to Iraq

The US State Department confirmed that demonstrations, protests and strikes occur in Iraq on a frequent basis, and these events can develop rapidly without prior notice.


The United States advised its citizens to avoid travel to Iraq and 3 other countries due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Yesterday, Monday, the US State Department confirmed, through its travel updates website for US citizens and residents, that it had raised the degree of travel classification to Iraq, Germany, Denmark and Burundi to the fourth category, “Do not travel.”

The ministry stated that the upgrade in Iraq “is due to a number of reasons: terrorism, kidnapping, armed conflict, civil unrest, COVID-19, and the limited ability of the Iraq Mission to provide support to American citizens.”

The ministry confirmed that “the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a level four health notice for travel to Iraq due to COVID-19, which indicates a very high level of disease in the country.”

She added that American citizens in Iraq are at risk of violence and kidnapping, and “terrorist and insurgent groups” regularly attack both Iraqi security forces and civilians, while anti-US groups threaten American citizens and Western companies throughout Iraq, noting that attacks using improvised explosive devices It occurs in many regions of the country, including Baghdad.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that “demonstrations, protests and strikes occur frequently, and these events can develop rapidly without prior notice, and this often leads to the boycott of traffic, transportation and other services, and such events have the potential to turn violent.”

With regard to the classification of the Republic of Burundi (located in East Africa) in the fourth category, it refers to the “level of crime, health and political violence.” As for Germany and Denmark, the US State Department stated that “Covid-19” is the main reason for raising the degree of their classification.

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