Lee Jae-myung “I can’t help but take responsibility for my country, even if it was damaged by excessive investigation”

Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung announces his promise of ‘a great digital transformation’ at the central party in Yeouido, Seoul on the morning of the 23rd. | National Assembly Photo Reporters

Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung said on the 23rd, “I think that the rise in house prices is the last,” and evaluated the current real estate market as “the last stage of ‘fear demand’ in action.” “(The Democratic Party) was only concerned with suppressing demand,” he said, adding that “we will respect the market.” Regarding the allegations of corruption, such as the entrance exams of the former Justice Minister Cho’s family, he said, “Because it is the ruling power, we have no choice but to accept more severe responsibilities than ordinary people.”

In an interview with YTN on the afternoon of the same day, when asked if the Lee Jae-myung administration can stabilize real estate prices, Lee said, “(In the real estate market) there is normal demand, then speculative demand, and the last stage is fear demand.” is the stage at which the last fear demand comes into play,” he said. Candidate Lee said, “Soon, liquidity in the market will decrease and interest rates will rise.”

Regarding the real estate policy of the Moon Jae-in government, he said, “I saw that only demand was suppressed. However, the market has not seen it that way.” “From now on, we have to follow the market. Respect the market and not oppress it,” he said. Candidate Lee said, “If we normalize the supply side, reduce speculative demand through finance and taxation, and show trust in policy, fear demand will decrease.”

Candidate Lee said, “I am confident that I can manage house prices stably, but I am really worried. The amplitude (of the price) should move small, but (because of the surge) it has become too (amplitude),” he said.

When asked about the situation in the country, Candidate Lee said, “The responsibility for the same actions is greater when one has the authority.” It is impossible,” he said. He said, “Of course, I felt a lot of behavior that I did not know whether it was an investigation, a witch hunt, or a political act through the public announcement of the facts of the suspect. It is clear that we have to take responsibility,” he said.

Rep. Cho Eung-cheon, who plays the role of the ‘red team’ in the party as the joint situation office head of the Democratic Party’s election committee, said on CBS radio this morning with the intent that “to win the hearts of the middle class, we must definitely cross the ‘river of the motherland’.”

Regarding the reorganization of the Election Countermeasures Committee, Candidate Lee said, “We are preparing to make (the organization of the election committee) slimmer and smarter and reorganize it based on real skills, regardless of whether it is first or re-elected, active duty, outside staff, or outside personnel based on competency.” answered.

Regarding the suspicion of preferential treatment for development in Daejang-dong, Seongnam, candidate Lee said, “Before, I had a bit of an unfair thought about the responsibility as the person who licensed (the project). I once again apologize for the feeling of alienation and exclusion.” In response to the opposition party’s request for a special prosecutor, he said, “Let’s not put any conditions on it, and I’m in the position that it doesn’t matter if I do a hundred special prosecutors.” He continued, “You have to look at the starting point of Hwacheon Daewoo’s corruption, investors, profit distribution, political movements, and the attribution of development profits. I’m not going to do anything, and let’s do everything cleanly (investigation),” he said.


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