Lotte World Tower transforms into a 555m Christmas tree

The Lotte World Tower in Songpa-gu, Seoul has been transformed into a huge 555m Christmas tree.

Lotte C&T, which operates the Lotte World Tower, announced on the 23rd that it unveiled a Christmas exterior decoration that decorated the entire complex as a ‘fantastic winter land’ to mark the end of the year on the 22nd.

According to Lotte C&T, from December 1 to 26, red, green, and white lights symbolizing Christmas are transmitted on the screen (media façade) on the 555m high tower.

A 15m-sized classic Christmas tree was set up in the ‘Arena Square’, a grassy plaza in front of the tower. In collaboration with Swarovski, more than 30,000 crystals were used. Lotte Group’s new brand slogan, ‘New today, better tomorrow’, has also been installed in various places.

At the Arena Plaza, a multimedia show is held every day from 5 to 10:14. In line with the Christmas carols, 4,000 digital snowflakes, starlight, and milky way lights are displayed on the walls of Lotte World Mall. In particular, this year, the width of the light emitting diode (LED) media façade on the south and west walls of the World Mall and on the upper wall of Avenuel was expanded to about 5,300 square meters (1593 pyeong), adding to its splendor.

At the bottom of the Charlotte Bridge that connects Avenuel and the shopping mall, a GOBO Light, a lighting device that expresses pictures and letters, was installed on the ground and embroidered with snowflakes. A golden luminary tunnel was also built, which is good for taking certified photos.

A Lotte C&T official said, “We planned this event to provide a time of comfort and hope to all who are exhausted from COVID-19 in the era of gradual daily recovery. told

Meanwhile, a ceremony was held to commemorate the ‘Lotte Pleasure Box’ campaign between Lotte Holdings and the Lotte Welfare Foundation. Lotte Pleasure Box, which has delivered a total of 57,291 boxes from 2013 to 2020, is a product sharing activity that provides practical help to neighbors in need. This year, together with the international relief and development NGO Save the Children, it is composed of various cold protection products so that the vulnerable can spend a warm winter. The Lotte Pleasure Box will be delivered to 1,700 people, including children from abuse victims and children from low-income families, from the end of this month.

Lotte World Tower transforms into a 555m Christmas tree

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