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Medhat asks for his wife’s divorce: “I hit my sister’s husband on the day he was happy.”

08:30 AM

Tuesday 23 November 2021

I wrote-Fatima Adel:

Medhat K., 30, an accountant in a private company, filed a lawsuit before the Family Court in the Fifth Settlement, requesting the divorce of his wife, justifying his request, “I hit my sister’s husband on his happy day… and justified that he molested her.”

Medhat narrates the details of his marriage: She married Sahar S., 22, a traditional marriage, after being nominated by a relative, and after getting to know her, the engagement took place, and after a period of time the wedding date was set, and we moved to live together in the marital nest for only 4 months.

The husband continues his speech: “After marriage, I felt my wife’s strange personality. She does not like my family and always quarrels with them because of jealousy. She is rebellious and does not want to talk to them at all.”

The husband complains: “We waited for the joy of my only sister until her husband returned from abroad, and the wedding date was set, but I did not know that the marriage ceremony would end inside the department, as my wife beat my sister’s husband during the wedding, claiming that he harassed her, but he denied and after unloading the cameras it was proven His words were true, and she was the one who fabricated the crisis.

And about the moment of thinking about the separation, he says: “We sat in the police station for a whole day after my sister’s wedding was broken up with a plot from my wife, and after proving the truth of the words of the “groom”, he apologized and reconciled, but at that time I felt unwilling to live with my wife, so she asked her father for a divorce, but he refused.

He concludes: I had no choice but to resort to the family court and file a divorce case for harm, and I carried No. 197 of 2020, and it is still pending before the court, which has not yet been decided.

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