“My daughter is dying” .. The full story of the crime of a mother who killed her child with “poison” and faces imprisonment

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Tuesday 23 November 2021

Books – Mahmoud Saeed:

The Cairo Criminal Court has closed the curtain on the first chapter of the trial of a pharmacist who killed her daughter with “poison,” by punishing her with a 28-year hard prison sentence for the two charges of murder and drug use.

How did the case start?

Several months before November 2019, marital disputes were raging between “Yasmine M.” a pharmacist and her second husband, so they decided to separate, so that the wife of her thirties began to use narcotics (hashish).
Yasmine had failed in her first marriage, so she separated from the father of her 6-year-old daughter, Camelia, who lived with her and her second husband.
The young pharmacist fell into a bad psychological state and depression as her life failed and she continued to take drugs.

“My daughter Camellia is dying.”

In late February 2019, the pharmacist “Yasmine.M” grabbed her mobile phone, to call out to her second husband, claiming, “My daughter Camellia is dying… I gave her a narcotic pill” to inform the husband of the Nozha Police Department of the incident.
A security force moved to the mother’s house, and after her conflicting statements, it was found that she had killed her 6-year-old daughter by giving her an anesthetic tablet, so that she was poisoned that killed her.
The girl’s father said that on the day of the accident, he called his ex-wife to check on his daughter, and the mother informed him that she had fallen ill, “I gave her an anesthetic pill”, and that she intended to kill her.

Investigations: She intended to kill her daughter and then commit suicide

Investigations in Case No. 18977 of 2019 Nozha Felonies indicate that the mother committed her crime after she entered into disputes with her first husband and another with her second husband, and their separation was near.
She added that she was determined to take the life of the victim, then end her life, and prepared to commit the incident a narcotic drug, and gave the victim from it.

Psychiatry: Do not suffer from a mental disorder

In the investigations, the mother admitted to the incident, saying that she had separated from her first husband, and was close to separating from her second husband.
In its report, the Department of Psychiatry confirmed that the accused did not suffer from any symptoms indicative of a psychological or mental disorder at the time of the commission of the incident, and that she was able to perceive, choose, judge matters and know what is wrong from right, which makes her responsible for the accusation against her in the case under investigation.


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