Monday, November 29

Payment of fees.. 7 documents for the delivery of utilities to the violating properties

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

The technological centers of neighborhoods at the level of the Republic continue to receive requests for the connection of facilities by citizens of different legal statuses (legal – violating – the owner of a reconciliation request).

The following documents are required for approval of the utilities connection and the issuance of a certificate of conformity for the violating properties that have been reconciled:

1- Form 10 reconciliation.

2- Architectural panels (basement – ground – repeated floors – roof – facade).

3- Structural panels (axles – columns) approved by the administrative authority.

4- A copy of the ownership contract.

5- A copy of the national ID card and the citizen’s mobile number.

6- Request to connect utilities to real estate built before the law, with the attachment written in a clear handwriting and the triple name signed.

7- Receipt of the prescribed fees on the account 100017060273 opened at the Commercial International Bank “CIB” in the name of the Armed Forces Moral Affairs Authority/Central Accounts Administration.

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