Renault Samsung XM3 ‘Encamentation’ shows the way to the platform

Provided by Renault Samsung Motors

While ‘special functions’ to attract consumers’ attention are being introduced into automobiles one after another, Renault Samsung Motors (Renault Samsung) XM3’s Car-Pay function ‘Encouragement’ is attracting attention. CarPay is a service that automatically pays by touching the navigation system installed in the vehicle while in the vehicle without having to get out of the car.

According to Renault Samsung on the 23rd, accreditation was applied from the 2022 model year XM3 this summer. The XM3, which has previously received a lot of attention from the MZ generation for its sporty design, is also showing the evolution of a car into a platform by installing an incarnation.

Renault Samsung placed the greatest weight on practicality in the process of collaborating with startup Owin and Encamentation. First, the most visited place was pioneered as the first place of use. It’s a gas station and a convenience store. It can be used by updating the app through Renault Samsung’s ‘Easy Connect’. The Owin app is also installed on the driver’s smartphone to share the contents of order, payment, and receipt with both parties.

It is possible to use accreditation at GS Caltex gas station, one of the major gas stations in Korea. If you reserve the amount and time of refueling with your smartphone or vehicle, you will be notified to the gas station along with the preset direction and type of fuel.

The same goes for CU convenience stores. If you search for a nearby convenience store, put the necessary items in your shopping cart, pay, and reserve a pick-up time, you can receive the item from the vehicle at the desired time.

Renault Samsung Motors plans to expand the scope of use of accreditation to parking lots and food and beverage stores in the future.

The exterior color of the XM3 has also become younger this year. We carefully analyzed and reflected consumer reactions by adding a color full of personality ‘Sonic Red’ and deleting colors with few choices. A function to remotely control the ignition and air conditioning system was also applied. You can preheat the indoor air by turning on the air conditioner in advance in the hot summer and the heater in advance in the cold winter.

A Renault Samsung Motors official said, “We will continue to make various efforts to develop the marketability of the XM3.

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