Ronaldo, Ramos, Koman and Xavi .. New messages from Messi

Argentine star Lionel Messi said that he managed to adapt quickly to his new life in Paris after many years in Barcelona, ​​and he spoke about his impression of sharing the dressing room with his opponent in previous years, Sergio Ramos, and also gave his opinion on the most important issues related to Barcelona.

Messi indicated in an interview with the newspaper “Marca” (MARKSpanish ) indicated that he feels comfortable in the French capital, after his children quickly excelled and integrated into the study, which removed his previous fears about the difficulty of adapting in Paris after his long years in Spain.

Regarding his relationship with Sergio Ramos, the Argentine star said, “Now things are normal, but at first it was strange, after many years of competition and multiple Clasico matches that witnessed enthusiasm and altercations, but it remained within its sporting scope and did not affect our relationship, because we respect each other greatly, Today, when I see him as a teammate, it’s amazing.”

The Argentine star stressed that holding coaches always responsible for negative results is unfair, which was what happened with former Barcelona coaches Ronald Koeman and Ernesto Valverde, and said that Koeman arrived in Barcelona at a difficult stage that witnessed the departure of many players, and succeeded in giving the opportunity to a number of young players.

He expected the new coach, Xavi Hernandez, to succeed because he is the son of the club and has great capabilities, and said that the young people in the team will have the opportunity to learn from him and lead the team back to compete for various titles.

He indicated that he was surprised by the return of the Brazilian Dani Alves, and said that the veteran defender would benefit Barcelona greatly, whether during the matches or by accompanying the youth and their participation in what he gained with his long experience in the football fields.

On his ambitions with Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League, Messi explained that his team is one of the favorites to win the title, but the club still needs many things to strengthen its strength and be able to compete for the title.

The Argentine star nominated a number of clubs to crown this season’s version of the Champions League, and said that Liverpool are among the most prominent candidates, along with Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

On the other hand, Messi expressed his admiration for the ability of his most prominent rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, to adapt quickly to Manchester United, and said, “United is a very strong team with great players. Cristiano already knows the club, and now he has adapted admirably. From the beginning he scored goals and did not face any problems. in adaptation.

And in answering that he misses direct confrontations against Ronaldo, Messi said:It’s been a long time since we stopped competing in the same league. We competed individually and as a team to achieve the same goals. It was a very beautiful stage for us, and also for the fans who had so much fun. It is a beautiful memory that will remain in the history of football.”

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