She loses 20 teeth every day and replaces them with sharp ones.. the fish that baffled researchers

Cod fish have about 500 sharp needle-like teeth

A recent study conducted by a group of American researchers revealed the secret behind the preservation of the “cod” or “lingcod” fish that live in the Pacific Ocean, the sharpness of its teeth, which has always been a mystery to researchers.

A report published by the New York Times noted (New York TimesThe results of the study conducted on cod fish, which can reach 5 feet in length, weigh up to 80 pounds and have about 500 sharp needle-like teeth, will enable scientists to better understand the phenomenon of tooth replacement in fish.

The large number of sharp teeth enables the predatory fish that set up ambushes to catch its prey from preying on various types of fish, and its preservation of the sharpness of its terrifying teeth was a mystery that puzzled scientists for a long time, before the study published in the journal “The Proceedings of the Royal Society B” of the Royal Society B) to be dissolved.

According to the study, cod fish maintain the sharpness and luster of their teeth by replacing about 3% of those teeth every day, or about 20 teeth a day.

And the New York Times report quoted Carly Cohen, a doctoral student at the University of Washington and a member of the team that conducted the new study, as saying that the teeth of cod fish are similar to the teeth of many other fish, making them a great model for studying fish teeth.

The large number of sharp teeth of the cod fish enables it to prey on various types of fish (Shutterstock)

Tooth replacement

To determine how long cod fish replace their teeth, the study’s researchers studied 20 cod fish at the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Laboratories, and tracked how many teeth the cod had lost, which grew over a period of several days.

The fish were placed in a tank filled with seawater mixed with a red dye, staining the cod’s teeth red, before being returned to their usual tank for 10 days.

After 10 days, the fish were placed in a tank containing green dye before they were euthanized and then their teeth examined. The researchers found that the teeth that had been present since the beginning of the experiment were dyed red and green, while the new teeth were only green.

After collecting and examining a total of 10,000 teeth, the scientists were able to determine how quickly the cod fish lost its teeth and the replacement teeth grew, and were able to track which teeth were replaced most often.

“The number of teeth that are being replaced is insane,” says lead researcher Emily Carr, a researcher at the University of South Florida. Carr examined 10,000 teeth herself, and noticed that tooth replacement did not occur at the same rate in the upper and lower jaws. for those fish.

And the way the cod replaces its teeth is likely to be crucial to its hunting strategy, says Cory Evans, a fish ecologist at Rice University in Houston.

The duller the teeth of the cod, says Evans, the harder it is for them to hold onto their prey, so their ability to remove and replace the (blunt) teeth is very important, because they need sharp, pointed teeth in place.

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