The 5.18 trial and the fine of 95.6 billion won… In the end, he left without taking responsibility.

Priest Jovio’s defamation charges likely to be dismissed… Son’s civil suit continues
9 billion won in delinquent local tax… If you can’t find another property within 5 years, you can’t get it back.

Ex-president Chun Doo-hwan was being tried in his memoirs for defaming the late Father Jovio, who testified of the martial law army’s helicopter shooting during the May 18 Democratization Movement. The criminal trial of Chun, who was charged with defamation of a lion in May 2018, has been going on for three years and six months. In November 2020, he was sentenced to 8 months in prison and 2 years of probation at the first trial, but the second trial is currently underway as Chun appeals.

The court was scheduled to hold an appeals hearing on the 29th to complete the pleading process and to complete the sentencing process around the end of the year. However, with Jeon’s death, his criminal trial is expected to end without a final judgment. The current Criminal Procedure Act stipulates that when the accused dies, the prosecution must be dismissed by decision. Lawyer Kim Jung-ho explained, “In the first trial, he was found guilty of denying the 5/18 helicopter shooting and defaming the honor of a person of merit, but the final result of this case will remain as a dismissal of the indictment.”

The ongoing civil lawsuit against Jae-guk, the eldest son of the Jeon family, is expected to continue. After the publication of the memoirs, the May 18 organization applied twice to the court to ban publication and distribution against Jeon and Jae-guk in June and December 2017. At the same time, he also filed a claim for compensation, saying, ‘Compensate for the damage’.

The court of first instance ruled that the May 18 organization should be compensated 70 million won, but Jeon appealed against this. The appeal trial was scheduled for the 24th.

It became unclear how he would receive the unpaid fine of Chun’s 90 billion won for military rebellion and bribery. According to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office of the Prosecutor’s Office, the Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecution, Jin-seung Yoo, said that as of this day, the prosecution recovered 124.9 billion won, or 57%, of Jeon’s total fine of 220.5 billion won. The unpaid fine is 956 billion won. Prosecutors recovered Chun’s property of 123.5 billion won until last year and executed an additional 1.4 billion won this year.

In July, he collected 350 million won from the construction company of the publishing house run by Jae-guk, and in August, he sold the forest land owned by the Jeon family to a public auction and received 1 billion won.

However, the possibility of recovering 95.6 billion won in unpaid fines is low. This is because, under the current Criminal Procedure Act, additional collection is subject to the property in the name of the person obligated to pay, and is stopped when the person dies.

The local tax that Chun owed to Seoul is also 982 million won. In 2014, the real estate in the name of his sons Jae-guk and Jae-man was classified as his title trust property, and it is a local income tax based on the gains from the sale of the property. There were a total of 4 cases, and the amount was 540 million won at the time, but it has increased to 982 million won due to additional charges.

The city of Seoul plans to sell the items confiscated from the former house of Jeon in the near future.

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