The Australian Meteorological Department announces the detection of a “La Nina” formation over the Pacific Ocean

08:50 AM

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Sydney- (DPA):

The eastern, northern and central regions of Australia are expected to witness more humid weather than usual, after the Bureau of Meteorology announced today, Tuesday, that it monitored the formation of the “La Nina” phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean.

La Nina is a climatic phenomenon that occurs over the Pacific Ocean every few years, and causes global temperatures to drop temporarily. The phenomenon was also recorded in 2020-2021.

“The La Nina trend is not surprising, with about half of past phenomena dating back to a second year,” Bureau of Meteorology official Andrew Watkins said in a statement.

He explained that the phenomenon “increases the possibilities of lower than average temperatures during the day in large areas of Australia”, and could increase the number of tropical cyclones that form and are associated with the first rainfall of the rainy season in the north.

He stated that this year’s phenomenon, which is expected to continue until the end of January 2022 at least, will be weaker than the phenomenon that formed in 2010-2012 and perhaps even weaker than last year.

He pointed out that “every La Nina phenomenon has its different effects, as it is not the only climatic influence on Australia at any particular time.”​

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