The Democrats do not move with only the slogan “Let’s renew the predecessors”

Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung announces a promise of ‘a great digital transformation’ at the company’s headquarters in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 23rd. Parliamentary photojournalists

The Democratic Party of Korea held an emergency general meeting of members of the House of Representatives and entrusted presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung with full power to reorganize and renew the election, but there are only a hundred disputes over the reform plan and no visible results are coming out. As for the reform plan, it is mentioned that CEO Song Yeong-gil and former chairman-level personnel should retreat to the second term, recruit outsiders for the 2030 generation, and establish a working-level separate dongdae. While there are only such observations, there is no actual movement, raising concerns about the possibility of renewal.

Resignation of members who have stopped after ‘transfer of renewal authority’

In an interview with YTN on the 23rd, Candidate Lee said, “We are preparing to slim down, make smart, and reorganize the organization based on skills.” “The election is only 106 days away. After a long time, you will be able to see visible results.” Candidate Lee and the Democratic Party both agree on the need for a swift renewal of the presidential election.

However, since Rep. Kim Young-joo, Lee Kwang-jae, and Kim Du-gwan expressed their resignation at the Joint Election Committee on the 21st, there have been no public resignations from other lawmakers. Although there was a talk about the retreat of Song Young-gil from the second term, it was not widely discussed because “the role of the party in the presidential election is important”. In a phone call with a reporter on the same day, a member of the House of Representatives said, “Isn’t it possible to speed up the renewal of the predecessors only if more lawmakers put down their positions?” Complaints are also raised that CEO Song is not making any major reforms other than the official announcement of the transfer of power.

Difficulty in recruiting external personnel

Recruitment of new outside personnel is also discussed as a way to create a renewal effect. Candidate Lee said on the same day, “We are looking for talented people, regardless of camp or age. If there is a good person, please recommend me.”

As Lee said, it is difficult to recruit talent. The National Human Resources Committee, directly under the candidates, sent a message to party lawmakers to compulsorily recommend outside personnel. Some within the party are of the opinion that Lee should overcome the relative lack of support before recruiting talent. “A synergy can be created only when talented people are recruited at a time when the gap in approval ratings with the presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol is narrowing,” said a first-elected lawmaker on the phone with a reporter. Some point out that in order to narrow the gap in approval ratings, it is necessary to first take reform steps such as recruiting outside personnel.

Even though there are opinions on ‘Lee Jae-myung-sik’s Gwangheung-chang team’

Apart from organizational and personnel innovation, there are also constant opinions that a separate unit for Lee is needed. The purpose is that an agile decision-making body such as Moon Jae-in’s ‘Gwangheungchang Team’ in the 19th presidential election in 2017 is needed. Former National Assembly Secretary-General Yoo In-tae said in an interview with KBS Radio’s that day, “to hold a big election, we need a decision-making team that candidates trust the most.” A Democratic Party official also said, “It is necessary for lawmakers close to Lee or from Gyeonggi Province to communicate directly with the candidate and convey the will of the candidate to the election committee.”

There are also observations that members of the ‘Seven Members’ who are close to Lee, such as Rep. Jeong Seong-ho and Kim Young-jin, will play a substantial role in the election committee. On the other hand, there is also an argument that it will be counterproductive for Candidate Lee to bring his close associates to the fore while the conflict between supporters that surfaced in the primary has not completely subsided. An official of the election committee said, “Soon, we will announce a plan to create a separate organization to help candidate Lee make decisions.” Rep. Han re-elected, “As the organization of the election committee is reorganized, schedules for party member education for the presidential election are also being delayed,” said Han.

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