Monday, November 29

The Kuwaiti dinar declined.. Arab currency rates today against the pound

09:34 AM

Tuesday 23 November 2021

I wrote – Sherine Salah:

The price of the Kuwaiti dinar fell, during today’s trading, compared to yesterday’s prices, at Al-Ahly Bank.

The prices of a number of other Arab currencies, compared to the local currency, stabilized at the beginning of today’s trading.

Masrawy monitors the prices of the most important Arab currencies against the pound daily, compared to its level the previous day, according to data from the National Bank of Egypt.

Arab currency rates today

The price of the Kuwaiti dinar: 49.22 pounds for purchase and 51.99 pounds for sale, with a decrease of two piasters in the purchase price, and the selling price decreased by 3 piasters.

The price of the Saudi riyal: 4.18 pounds for purchase, and 4.20 pounds for sale.

The price of the UAE dirham: 4.26 pounds for purchase, and 4.29 pounds for sale.

The price of the Bahraini dinar: 40.41 pounds for purchase, and 41.75 pounds for sale.

The price of the Qatari riyal: 4.01 pounds for purchase, and 4.30 pounds for sale.

The price of the Jordanian dinar: 21.75 pounds for purchase, and 22.23 pounds for sale.

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