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The United States imposes new sanctions on the “Nord Stream 2” project

03:40 AM

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Washington – (dpa):

On Monday evening, the US State Department announced additional sanctions related to Nord Stream 2, the controversial German-Russian natural gas pipeline project.

A State Department report forwarded to the US Congress included two ships and one entity linked to Russia, Nord Stream 2 pipeline partner Transadria Ltd., on the sanctions list.

Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken said in a statement that Transadria would be subject to sanctions under the European Energy Security Protection Act, and its vessel, the Marilyn, would be identified as frozen property.

With Monday’s action, the Biden administration has so far sanctioned eight people and designated 17 of their ships as frozen property in connection with the pipeline project.

“Even as the US administration continues to oppose the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, including through our sanctions, we continue to work with Germany, allies and other partners to reduce the risks the pipeline poses to Ukraine, NATO countries, and the European Union,” Blinken added.

Critics see the pipeline as a Russian geopolitical project that endangers Europe’s energy security.

The United States remains highly skeptical about the nearly completed pipeline, but the Biden administration has indicated that it is ready to soften its stance on the pipeline, which is intended to transport Russian gas to Germany, bypassing Ukraine, which depends on gas transit revenues.

Washington and Berlin achieved a breakthrough in their differences over Nord Stream 2 in July, when the United States decided not to impose severe sanctions on the pipeline operator.

However, the underwater pipeline suffered another setback last week when German authorities suspended the project’s certification procedure.​

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