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Traffic Bulletin.. Map of density and alternative roads in Cairo and Giza

07:42 AM

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Books – Alaa Omran:

The main streets and roads in the governorates of Cairo and Giza witnessed this morning, Tuesday morning, traffic congestion on most roads, while employees and workers went to their workplaces, and traffic men were present on the streets to work on regulating traffic.

Traffic densities also appeared above the ring road in the Salam area and inside the tunnel for those coming from the regions to Cairo via the agricultural road, as well as from Munib on his way to the highway and the assembly and in the opposite direction of those coming from Maadi to the Giza areas, as well as in the areas of the Fifth Settlement and on his way to Al-Basatin and Zahraa Al-Maadi.

Some densities appeared at the top of the Gardens Bridge coming from the Zawiya and heading to the Fengari, as well as at the top of the Matariya Bridge for those coming from the cables heading towards the recruitment and Heliopolis areas, preferring to use the Saray al-Qubba Bridge. The behavior of the good king and Qasr Al-Aini Street is preferred.

Some sizes also appeared at the beginning of the 15th of May Bridge coming from Lebanon Square and League of Nations and heading to Zamalek and Cairo, so it is preferable to take the Al-Galaa Bridge, as well as the top of the university bridge coming from Giza and heading to Cairo.

A slowdown in traffic on the ring road from Carrefour, Maadi al-Basateen, heading from Mariouteya to Munib, and also from Warraq to the agricultural road.

Traffic jam on the highway from Hassan Mamoun to Makram Ebeid, and the Nile Corniche heading from Maadi to the Ring Road.

Salah Salem Road is witnessing intermittent congestion, especially in the Al-Orouba Tunnel area and the direction of the airport, as well as in the upcoming October Bridge from Giza towards Cairo. The axes and entrances of Nasr City witnessed medium traffic densities, especially from the beginning of Al-Manasa Road to the beginning of Abbas, and the densities extended to the Fifth Settlement axis.

In Giza, traffic works well except for the University metro area, and it is preferable to take University Street and Murad Street as an alternative.

The bridges that transport traffic between Cairo and Giza, including the El-Galaa Bridge, the Sahel, and the University, work well without traffic densities.

It witnesses the 26th of July axis on the road coming from October and Sheikh Zayed towards Lebanon Square, so it is recommended to take the Rod al-Farag axis.

And on Sudan Street in front of the University metro station, high densities appeared for those coming from the Faisal Bridge to the Dokki areas, as well as the house of the Saft axis for those coming from the ring road to Cairo University, and the Ahmed Orabi axis can be used.

Moving densities appeared on the Saft al-Laban axis heading from the ring road to Sudan Street, and it is preferable to go to Orabi, as well as the Abbas, University and Giza Metallic Bridge.

The ring road is witnessing moving densities coming down the Al-Bahr Al-Adham Street to the Dokki area until Al-Galaa Square, a slowdown in the movement of cars, and some densities above the Mariouteya roundabout heading from the desert to the areas of Giza and the Fayoum Desert Road, up to Al-Ahram Gardens and reaching Al-Remaya Square.

The Operations Room of the General Administration of Car Traffic monitors the movement of vehicles at the top of the axes and squares, by means of the traffic services deployed on the roads, and the movement of cars is monitored by means of surveillance cameras, to monitor any traffic densities in the axes with the deployment of traffic cranes on the roads to remove any traffic obstacles, whether accidents or malfunctions.

Coordination was also made with the traffic departments at the level of the Republic to pay traffic services, traffic relief cars and motorcycles, and coordination with the Operations Room of the General Traffic Department to provide up-to-date notification of the condition of the roads.‚Äč

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