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Washington imposes sanctions on 3 leaders of ISIS-Khorasan and its financier

07:07 AM

Tuesday 23 November 2021


The United States announced the imposition of sanctions on three leaders of ISIS for the province of “Khorasan”, as international terrorists, in addition to a financier of the movement.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said – in a statement today, Tuesday – that this comes as part of his country’s continued efforts to ensure that Afghanistan does not turn into a platform for global terrorism.

He pointed out that these terrorists are: Sanaullah Ghafari, known as Shihab al-Muhajir, who is the current leader of the movement. He was installed in June 2020, and he is responsible for approving the movement’s operations throughout Afghanistan and also organizes its financing for conducting operations. The second is Sultan Aziz Azzam, known as Sultan Aziz, who is the spokesman In the name of the movement since it came to Afghanistan, and the third is Mawlawi Rajab, known as Mawlawi Rajab Salahuddin, a leader of the movement in the Afghan province of Kabul, who plans the attacks of the movement and its operations and leads the movement’s groups in Kabul.

The minister added that the US Treasury also sanctioned Ismatullah Khallozai for providing financial support to the movement at an international level.

He pointed out that based on these sanctions; US citizens shall not have any dealings with such persons, and they shall be prohibited from disposing of any property or interests in their possession that are subject to the US judicial system.

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