Sunday, November 28

WSJ “Samsung Electronics, US Foundry 2nd Factory, Taylor”

A view of Samsung Electronics’ foundry factory in Austin, Texas, USA. Provided by Samsung Electronics

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on the 22nd (local time) that Samsung Electronics has decided to set the site for its second factory in the US foundry (system semiconductor consignment production) in Taylor, Texas.

The WSJ, citing a source familiar with the matter, said an official announcement would be made on the 23rd at the earliest. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that he will make an economic announcement at 5 p.m. local time on the 23rd. It was believed that the governor’s announcement was related to Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor plant. The city of Taylor also said that it promised to lower Samsung Electronics’ property tax by 92.5 percent over the next 10 years.

Taylor is a small town of about 16,000 people in Williamson County, Texas. It is about 48 km away from Samsung Electronics’ foundry factory in Austin. The site where Samsung Electronics’ foundry will be built is 1,200 acres (about 490,000 square meters), which is larger than the land Samsung Electronics owns in Austin.

Samsung Electronics has been looking for a new factory site after promising to invest 17 billion dollars (about 20 trillion won) in the US at the Korea-US summit in May. In addition to Austin and Taylor, Texas, Arizona and New York were also nominated. As Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong left on a business trip to the United States last week, it was predicted that the location of the new plant would be announced soon. It is known that Vice Chairman Lee recently met with senior White House officials and key members of the US Congress in Washington, requesting that Samsung Electronics work hard to receive federal support when building a semiconductor factory. At this time, Vice Chairman Lee seems to have made a de facto decision to invest in a US foundry plant and also explained it to the White House.

Samsung Electronics made an official statement on the WSJ report that day, saying, “The location of the new factory has not been decided yet.” In the industry, it is predicted that the announcement will be made through public notice as soon as Vice Chairman Lee returns to Korea on the 23rd or 24th.

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