As the conflict between Kim Jong-in and Yoon Seok-yeol continues… “Are you impressing the people?” Voice

Yoon “I won’t talk anymore”… Kim, ‘ultimate ultimatum’ report “dropped the spear”

The discussion on the formation of the People’s Power Election Countermeasures Committee has been an exhausting anti-war drama for the past 20 days. After the election of presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol on the 5th, until the 25th, Kim Jong-in, the former chairman of the emergency response committee, has been up and down over whether or not to join the predecessor.

Candidate Yoon and former Chairman Kim were unable to decide whether or not former Chairman Kim would join the general election at the dinner meeting the day before. In the past, after pushing and pulling, such as ‘announcement of the general election chairperson → hold → access to opinions → deferment of affirmative answer’, no conclusion could be drawn from the discussion held. On this day, the two continued to fight. Candidate Yoon said, “I will no longer talk about Dr. Jong-in Kim.” In response to the media report that Kim Jong-un gave an ultimatum to reporters at the Gwanghwamun office in Seoul, ‘If there is no declaration of unconditional joining by Candidate Yoon, it will be the end’. When I saw the news, I said that it was good.” About meeting with candidate Yoon, he said, “How do I meet that busy person?”

While the chaotic state that was neither ‘catastrophe’ nor ‘harmony’ continued, the attention of the party was focused on the conflict between the two. During the same period, the agenda and future vision of the People’s Power were not presented. As the election committee announced that day was focused on established, middle-aged politicians, it was evaluated from inside and outside that it failed to show a new image other than the conflict with former Chairman Kim. Within the party, public criticism came out saying, “Is the process of forming the predecessor committee really moving the party members and the people?” (Sp. A lawmaker from the People’s Power said, “I just see them arguing over their seats. “It could be seen as a move as if he had already been elected,” he said.

Candidate Yoon’s burden is increasing. It is said within the party that ‘a matter for the candidate to decide’, but the process so far has shown that former Chairman Kim is close to the ‘leading role’. The biggest burden is that the appointment of former Chairman Kim Jong-un has become a criterion for evaluating Yun’s political power. Another lawmaker said, “Even to avoid criticism that I couldn’t convince even one person, I can’t discard the ‘Kim Jong-in card’ anymore. Regardless of your ability, you have to bring it.”

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