Australia sends peacekeepers to the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean

02:35 PM

Thursday 25 November 2021

Honiara (BBC):

Australia has agreed to deploy a peacekeeping force in the Solomon Islands, which is witnessing for the second day in a row the looting and burning of buildings in the capital, Honiara.

The move comes after the Solomon Islands government asked Australia to help maintain security, as anti-government protesters began targeting businesses, banks and shops.

The violence started from Chinatown and expanded to the rest of the capital.

Pictures on social media showed plumes of smoke rising above burning buildings in the Pacific nation’s capital.

Although the government imposed a curfew after protesters attempted to storm Parliament on Wednesday, eyewitnesses question the ability of the local police to contain the violence.

The demonstrators went out to protest against what they say is the lack of government investment in some of the islands, during which demonstrators tried to storm Parliament and demanded the Prime Minister to resign.

The island’s local government also strongly opposed the Solomon Islands’ Prime Minister’s decision to transfer diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China in 2019.

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