After the closure of Al-Ahram Street, the traffic diversion map for the implementation of the works of the fourth metro line

08:22 AM

Friday 26 November 2021

Books – Alaa Omran:

The General Directorate of Giza Traffic has appointed the necessary traffic services to face any expected traffic densities and manage traffic, coinciding with the implementation of the works of the Al-Matbah subway station within the fourth line subway stations on Al-Ahram Street.

It is necessary to completely close Al-Ahram Street to traffic, specifically at its intersection with Al-Mahawalat Street until Abu Al-Faraj Street in the direction coming from the archaeological area towards Giza Square, “the area facing Central Al-Haram,” starting at “1 am on Friday” corresponding to November 26, 2021. Until the completion of the works.. The following traffic diversions will also be implemented:

Vehicles coming from Al Remaya Square and Al Nasr Square and wishing to drive in the direction of Al-Ahram Street should walk right in the direction of Al-Mansuriya Road leading to the Sphinx areas, then turn and return from the turning hole located on Al-Mansuriya Road in front of Al-Tawhid and Al-Nour areas, then return to Al-Mansuriya Road again.. and walk right towards the Anwar axis Sadat “Previously Tersa” in the direction of the newly developed Tersa Bridge, continuing the traffic on the Anwar El-Sadat axis, passing through the “Tersa” bridge and bypassing the intersection of Anwar El-Sadat Street with two streets (Ezz El-Din Omar – Al-Mohawalat Street) and continuing the walk towards the bottom of the newly developed Othman Muharram Bridge, “the surface road”, then turning around and back again. Another at Anwar El-Sadat axis, “previously geared” through the turning hole at the bottom of the bridge, continuing the walk, then entering the right onto Mohamed Salem Street in the direction of Al-Ahram Street.

The General Department of Giza Traffic assigned the necessary traffic services and coordination with the implementing agency to put in place technical assistance and all equipment indicating the existence of works in the area to ensure the security and safety of citizens.​

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