Corona in 24 hours| 63 new deaths in Egypt… and warnings of a faster spreading mutant

Egypt and the world witnessed important events related to the crisis of the outbreak of the new Corona virus, in the past twenty-four hours. The most important of these news was the announcement by the Ministry of Health and Population, on Thursday evening, that 741 people recovered from the Corona virus had been discharged from hospitals, after receiving the necessary medical care and completing their recovery according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, bringing the total of those recovering from the virus to 294,354 to date.

63 deaths.. Health announces Corona statement for Thursday

The Czech Republic will enter a state of emergency tomorrow as Corona injuries rise

British newspaper: The emergence of a new variable that is spreading at a terrifying speed greater than Delta

Britain: a ban on flights from 6 African countries amid growing fears of the Corona variable

After opening direct entry, a new condition for Egyptians to enter Saudi Arabia

German Chancellor: Measures to combat the fourth wave of Corona are not enough

Moroccan Health: 24.4 million people received the first dose of a vaccine against “Corona”

Director of International Fisheries: The Corona crisis had a positive impact on the market in Egypt

The Asian-European Summit discusses the Corona pandemic and economic recovery

Britain monitors a sharp decrease in the immigration of European Union citizens to the country

The Japanese capital eases gathering restrictions imposed due to “Corona”

The Ministry of the Interior: Collecting 9,000 immediate fines for violating “Corona procedures”

“Botswana” .. Warning of a new Corona mutant: it has 32 mutations and is resistant to vaccines

Health reveals the date for the start of registration for the “booster dose” of the Corona vaccine

The most violent epidemic wave.. Germany records more than 100,000 deaths with “Covid-19”

South Korea records 3,938 cases of corona and 39 deaths

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