Following Woori and Hana, KB Kookmin also raises interest rates on deposits and savings accounts by up to 0.4 percentage points

A bank in the city. Hankyoreh file photo

After the Bank of Korea decided to raise the base rate on the 25th the day before, commercial banks are swiftly announcing plans to raise interest rates on deposits and savings accounts. KB Kookmin Bank released a press release on the 26th and said, “In accordance with the BOK’s base rate hike, interest rates on 17 types of time deposits and marketable deposits such as the Kookmin Super Term Deposit, and 26 types of savings-type deposits such as the KB Dokipaku Travel Savings Fund will be increased from the 29th. It will increase by up to 0.40 percentage points,” he said. On the 25th, the same day that the BOK raised the base rate, Woori and Hana Banks immediately announced that they would raise interest rates on various deposit and savings products to a maximum of 0.4 percentage points. In the past, when the BOK decides to raise the base rate, it is common for banks to leave a week to ten days to decide to raise the deposit rate. am. In particular, it seems that the bank recently announced a plan to raise the interest rate quickly, conscious of the negative public opinion that it is lukewarm to raise the loan interest rate while raising the loan interest rate. According to the plan announced by Kookmin Bank on this day, the bank will raise interest rates on various deposit and savings products from the 29th. For the non-face-to-face exclusive product, KB Companion Happiness Savings, the maximum interest rate based on the 3-year maturity is changed to 3.10% per annum. KB DoubleMoa deposits change to 1.80% per annum, a maximum of one year. In particular, with the purpose of “overcoming the corona virus,” the bank will raise the interest rate of preferential products related to small businesses, such as KB Merchant Preferred Savings and Business Preferential Savings, by up to 0.40 percentage points. As a result, the maximum interest rate for 3-year KB Merchant Preferential Installment Savings will increase from 2.10% per annum to 2.50% per annum for preferential installments for business operators, and from 2.45% per annum to 2.85% per annum. The interest rate of the KB Green Wave 1.5℃ term deposit, which is an ESG-specialized product, will also increase by 0.30 percentage points, applying a maximum annual rate of 1.7% for one year. Reporter Noh Ji-won [email protected]

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