Hana Bank launches campaign to activate electronic card system for construction workers

Park Seong-ho, president of Hana Bank (second from left), is taking a commemorative photo with representatives of construction workers at the construction site of Samsung Semiconductor’s new construction site in Pyeongtaek, Pyeongtaek, on the 25th, to protect the rights and interests of construction workers. Provided by Hana Bank

Hana Bank announced on the 26th that it had launched a ‘Hanaro Electronic Card, Passbook’ issuance campaign with the Construction Workers’ Mutual Aid Association and Samsung Engineering to protect the rights and interests of construction workers at the Samsung Semiconductor new construction site in Pyeongtaek starting on the 25th.

Considering that construction workers have difficulties in visiting banks due to the nature of their work, Hana Bank directly visited construction sites to issue ‘Hanaro e-cards and passbooks’ and conducted a campaign to promote the use of them.

The Hanaro E-Card allows construction workers to connect their E-Card to a terminal when entering and exiting a construction site so that their work history is automatically recorded. As a result, it is possible to report retirement deductions, prevent arrears in wages, and manage careers. In addition, various functions in the e-card are loaded to provide specialized financial benefits.

The electronic card system has been compulsorily applied to construction sites in accordance with Article 13 of the Act on the Improvement of Employment of Construction Workers, etc., and will be applied in stages.

Park Seong-ho, president of Hana Bank, said, “As an electronic card issuing bank, we will make steady efforts so that construction workers can conveniently meet with the bank.


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