Life Insurance Foundation opens the first ‘Jangseong Life Forest 100 Years Healing Center’ in Jeollanam-do

Seoul–(Newswire) November 26, 2021 — The Life Insurance Social Contribution Foundation (Chairman Jong-seo Lee, hereafter referred to as the Life Insurance Foundation) opened the ‘Life Insurance Foundation’, a space dedicated to supporting the independent living of the elderly living alone at the Senior Welfare Center in Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do. It was announced on the 26th that it opened the Forest 100-year-old Healing Center.

The opening ceremony was held with the presence of Choi Eui-ki, CEO of Woosung Nanum Foundation, a social welfare corporation, Choi In-ki, director of Jangseong-gun Senior Welfare Center, and Song Ki-jeong, executive director of the Life Insurance Foundation.

The Life Forest 100 Years Old Healing Center is a support project for overcoming an aging population that helps low-income, single seniors with poor health and daily life to improve their environment and become self-reliant. The Life Insurance Foundation has been operating the Forest of Life 100-year-old Healing Center in 16 locations across the country so far.

At the Jangseong Life Forest 100-year-old Healing Center, △Independent programs for daily life such as cooking classes and organizing and storing △Smartphone use education and music classes, etc., △Health promotion programs such as silver Taekwondo and stretching exercises △Tablet PC-based face-to-face and non-face-to-face It provides cognitive rehabilitation programs such as fusion cognitive training, recall therapy, and emotional support. The Life Insurance Foundation and Jangseong-gun plan to support healthy old age by improving the quality of life of the elderly and strengthening their self-reliance capabilities in line with the new paradigm of welfare for the elderly called ‘independence of daily life’.

According to the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, elderly males living alone experience difficulties in daily life 2.6 times more than females, and the risk of dying from loneliness is more than twice that of women and the suicide rate is three to four times higher due to social severance.

Jeollanam-do is a so-called ‘super-aging society (20% of the elderly population)’ with 23.8% of the country’s top-ranking elderly population. Among them, in the case of Jangseong-gun, the elderly population is about 30%, which is relatively high in Jeollanam-do. In response, the Life Insurance Foundation opened the Life Forest 100-year-old Healing Center in Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, and started supporting the elderly alone.

Ki-jeong Song, Executive Director of the Life Insurance Foundation, said, “I am delighted to be able to help the elderly living alone, who are more passive than women in the Jeollanam-do region, through the newly opened Jangseong Life Forest 100-year-old Healing Center, who are more passive than women in using social services and welfare centers.” He said, “The Life Insurance Foundation will continue to work harder to find welfare blind spots so that there are no underprivileged neighbors, conduct high-quality aging support projects, etc., and prepare a support system that can be benchmarked in the local community.”

The Life Insurance Foundation is a public interest corporation established in 2007 under a joint agreement with 19 life insurance companies including Samsung Life, Kyobo Life, and Hanwha Life. We strive to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities through social contribution activities based on the spirit of respect for life and life insurance that life insurance aims for. Focusing on suicide prevention, life-respecting culture, and overcoming aging, we are developing projects to eliminate blind spots in collaboration with local governments and welfare organizations.


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