People’s Life has raised its arms to promote M&A between companies… Establishment of growth momentum for SMEs

Signed MOU with Korea M&A Exchange for corporate and industrial development

Photo: People Life

People’s Life (Chairman Hak-Jin Hyun) announced on the 25th that it had signed an MOU for business cooperation with the Korea M&A Exchange (Chairman Chang-Heon Lee), which discovers and matches the optimal M&A through the enterprise value evaluation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

At the signing ceremony held in the conference room of People’s Life headquarters on the 23rd, the two companies agreed to enter into business cooperation for business and industrial development through the establishment of a mutual cooperation system in the M&A field, and to conduct business alliances on the discovery and management and operation of companies wishing to M&A through this. did. Representatives and officials of both companies attended this event.

While the corporate M&A market is booming based on recent low interest rates and abundant liquidity, the domestic corporate M&A market has been dismissed as the story of some specific companies. are being used as part of a strategy to establish sustainability and growth momentum.

In particular, when the first generation of small and medium-sized business owners face difficulties in maintaining and succeeding in the family business, the company’s M&A strategy provides an opportunity for transition for growth and stable management by supplementing the gaps and creating new opportunities. can be

Through this business partnership, People Life will play a role in discovering companies that can be acquired and merged with, and jointly provide corporate consulting for IPO, corporate valuation, and A&D (improvement and sale after acquisition) in cooperation with the Korea M&A Exchange. We plan to proceed with the project.

Hak-Jin Hyun, Chairman of People’s Daily, said, “Through this business partnership, we will be able to lay the foundation for creating a very strong synergy by combining the offline competitiveness of the corporate consulting sector of People’s Life and the information and know-how accumulated through the online platform of the Korean M&A exchange. “We plan to make various attempts and continuous efforts to provide optimal solutions to corporate customers in the field of corporate consulting in the future.”

Chang-heon Lee, chairman of the Korea M&A Exchange, said, “I hope that it will be an opportunity to contribute to the development of the industry by activating M&A through collaboration with People Life, which has a nationwide network and corporate consulting capabilities.”

On the other hand, Korea M&A Exchange (KMX) is an M&A brokerage agency specializing in M&A for small and medium-sized companies.

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