Sang-Jeong Shim “The 3rd Zone will gather, and we will meet Ahn Cheol-soo and Kim Dong-yeon sequentially”

Presidential candidate Shim Sang-jung of the Justice Party greets attendees at a field meeting held at the National Assembly on the 25th at a support group for victims of gender violence. Parliamentary photojournalists

On the 26th, Justice Party presidential candidate Shim Sang-jung said, “We are discussing it at the working level right now and will probably materialize it sometime today.”

Candidate Shim appeared on YTN Radio that day and said, “I said I would boldly float a boat on the ‘Third River’, but in fact, how many people will be on this boat and how far it will be able to sail. He said this.

Candidate Shim said, “Once the establishment of the two-party system is over, some of the candidates who have declared this are Ahn Cheol-soo and Kim Dong-yeon, so let’s meet and have a first discussion with them,” said Shim.

He added, “Since we can gather in one place only after confirming their intentions, I plan to meet with Ahn Cheol-soo and then with Kim Dong-yeon sequentially.”

Candidate Shim added, “The current large bipartisan system is like a zombie. It is not capable of taking responsibility for taking power on its own, but is it not possible to take the small party and bring up the person and then continue to live in this way? ” he asserted.

Candidate Shim said, “We need to work together to catch these zombies,” and “I am now exploring the third zone with the belief that only then can the future be pursued and each can be held accountable to the people.”

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