Senior Captain Yoon Seok-yeol, Kim Seong-tae on charges of ‘KT preferential hiring’… “2030 provocation and insult”

Kim Seong-tae, a member of the Liberty Korea Party, appeared in court ahead of the first trial on charges of bribery in his daughter’s preferential employment in September 2019. Hankyoreh file photo

When former lawmaker Kim Seong-tae, who is on trial for bribing her daughter’s KT (KT) preferential hiring, was appointed as the head of the People’s Power Election Countermeasures Committee, criticism of ‘personalization against fairness’ is growing. The ruling party demanded that candidate Yoon Seok-yeol withdraw his appointment and apologize, saying that a heavy responsibility was given to former lawmaker Kim, who had to be suspended from his party just because of charges of bribery. In a briefing on the 26th, Cho Seung-rae, senior spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Korea, said, “Former lawmaker Kim Seong-tae helped her daughter, who was hired as a contract worker at Katie Sports, a subsidiary of Katie, in 2011, convert to a full-time job, and exerted various influences until she resigned in February 2018. It was revealed through investigations and trials,” he said. Chief Spokesperson Cho also criticized Candidate Yoon, who appointed former Rep. Kim as the head of the election committee, also mentioning the People’s Power Party Ethics Committee Regulation (Article 22), which states that those convicted of bribery will be suspended from their party positions. The People’s Power side explained, “(Former Rep. Kim) has been in charge of the overall functions as the chairman of the Central Committee, so it was a natural move (to the head of the functions in the predecessor committee)” (Spoken Kim Byung-min). It is pointed out that this in itself is a violation of the party rules. “Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol must answer the reason why a criminal who cannot even hold a party position under the party constitution and party rules has risen to the highest position in the election,” Cho said. Former lawmaker Kim, who served as a secretary of the National Assembly’s Environment and Labor Committee, was brought to trial in October 2012 on charges of having her daughter hire Katie as a full-time employee in exchange for refusing to accept Lee Seok-chae as a witness at the time of a state audit in October 2012. Former Rep. Kim was acquitted in the first trial, but was found guilty in the second trial in November last year and was sentenced to one year in prison and two years of probation. By Choi Ha-yan, staff reporter [email protected]

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