Elementary 25 books.. The start of the qualifiers for the “Read and Rise” competition in the New Valley

04:12 PM

Sunday 28 November 2021

New Valley – Mohamed El Parisi:

Today, Sunday, the Directorate of Education in the New Valley announced the activities of the qualifiers for the Read and Rise Competition, which is implemented within the initiative of a decent life, for students of the educational administrations of Dakhla and Farafra.

Dr. Jamal Hassan, Director of the Education Sector in the governorate, said in a press statement today, Sunday, that it comes in cooperation and coordination with the guidance of libraries, as the competition targets all primary, preparatory and secondary educational levels (general and technical) for villages and centers participating in the initiative of a decent life.

Jamal explained that among the conditions of the competition for primary schools, the student must read 25 books, middle schools must read 35 books, and secondary schools (general and technical) students must read 40 books, provided that the topics of books vary, so that they include all branches of knowledge and the student reads books carefully. and summarizes it.


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