Industry modernization: 250 industrial facilities awarded “Proudly Made in Egypt” label

03:09 PM

Sunday 28 November 2021

The Industry Modernization Center granted the mark “Proudly Made in Egypt” to about 250 industrial facilities, including 41 facilities in the chemical industries sector, out of a total of 298 factories that were evaluated and ensured that they comply with the criteria for granting the mark, according to a statement by the Industrial Modernization Center today, Sunday.

According to the statement, a full report will be issued to the factories that were not able to pass the evaluation, clarifying the points of non-conformity so that they can work on addressing them and re-evaluation.

The center is currently working on setting dates to visit 63 factories, as soon as they confirm their readiness to receive evaluation committees.

The “Proudly Made in Egypt” mark is considered a local Egyptian quality control and quality mark approved by the Ministry of Trade and Industry with the aim of introducing Egyptian products and goods manufactured within the Arab Republic of Egypt according to the highest quality standards.

In order to obtain the mark, specific conditions must be met, including a recent copy of the industrial register, a copy of the valid manufacturing license and a copy of the quality certificates obtained by the facility. The mark is valid for two years from the date of its grant and renewal is made after re-evaluation.

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