Kyobo Life Gwanghwamun Winter Edition, “Humility is not the angle of the head, it is the angle of the heart”

Lee Dong-gyu’s “two-line column” redesigned as ‘humility’ in China

Photo: Kyobo Life

Kyobo Life’s Gwanghwamun bulletin board has been renewed with a message that resonates calmly.

“Humility is not the angle of the head, it is the angle of the heart.”

Professor Lee Dong-gyu of the Graduate School of Business at Kyunghee University, a top management evaluation expert, is also well known for his book “Two-Line Column”, a book that resonates with only two short sentences.

This text, ‘humility’, contains the meaning of having sincerity and respect for others, not pretentiousness.

An official from Kyobo Life Insurance said, “The reality is that both of you are immersed in making your own voice while ignoring the voices of others.

The font design draws attention by expressing the way people listen to other people’s voices with warm illustrations.

The Gwanghwamun bulletin board has been delivering messages of hope and love to those who walk the streets for over 30 years since 1991. The Gwanghwamun text version will be hung at Kyobo Life Insurance Building in Gwanghwamun and Kyobo Tower in Gangnam until the end of February next year, and you can also meet it on the Gwanghwamun text board website.

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