Lotte On, the last popular product of the year, a great discount

Lotte Shopping’s online shopping mall ‘Lotte On’ is launching its last discount event this year.

Lotte On announced on the 5th that it will hold its own discount ‘First Monday’ event under the theme of 2021 shopping settlement from the 6th to the 12th.

According to Lotte On, at this discount exhibition, 30 products with the highest sales on First Monday this year and sold out on the same day will be introduced. In the aftermath of COVID-19 and social distancing, ‘e-coupons’, which can be gifted non-face-to-face, and processed/frozen food that can be easily eaten at home are representative.

Up to 70% discount on over 70 brand products, such as hot water mats for year-end preparations, long down padding, and Christmas mini tree sets. As with previous offers, we offer up to 20% discount coupons and up to 10% promotion card instant discounts. In addition, from 8 a.m. on the 6th, up to 50,000 people on a first-come, first-served basis will be given a coupon for a discount of up to 20% card that can be used repeatedly. Up to 50% discount coupons are given to first-time purchasers.

Lotte On will provide up to 15% discount coupons and up to 7% card immediate discounts through ‘After Week’ from the 7th to the 12th.

First Monday is a regular discount event held by Lotte On on the first Monday of every month since September last year. From January to November this year, the average sales and number of customers on the first Monday event increased by 84% and 65%, respectively, compared to the daily average, and the number of new customers also increased by more than 80% compared to the daily average.

The representative product with the highest sales is ‘e-coupon’, which sold more than 40,000 e-coupons alone in October alone. In addition, as processed and frozen foods and health functional foods gained popularity due to the prolonged stay at home, food products accounted for more than 30% of the top 100 First Monday sales. Sales of digital home appliances also increased significantly due to non-face-to-face classes and telecommuting.

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