Monday’s weather.. Meteorology: Opportunities are ready for rain

10:27 PM

Sunday 05 December 2021

Books – Osama Ali:

The Meteorological Authority said that Monday is expected to witness pleasant weather during the day in the northern regions, extending to central Upper Egypt, moderate in the south, cold at night, and very cold in the Western Desert, in addition to central Sinai and its southern highlands.

The Meteorological Authority added that various formations of clouds crossed the sky of the republic, and the opportunity remains ready for rain in separate areas of the cities of the north coast and north of the delta, in addition to the vicinity of Halayeb and Shalateen.

Meteorology indicated that the wind movement is light to moderate in general, relatively active in parts of the Red Sea and the extreme northwest of the country, and the state of Bahrain is moderate to relatively turbulent.

She pointed out that the fog is formed in the morning in areas of the north of the republic and the far southeast, which are sometimes dense.

Below is a statement of the expected temperatures for Monday.

Cairo: Great 21 – Minor 15

Alexandria: Great 21 – Minor 14

Port Said: Great 21 – Minor 15

Zagazig: Great 21 – Minor 13

Sohag: Great 23 – Minor 11

Aswan: Great 26 – Minor 14

Halayeb: Great 26 – Minor 21

Saint Catherine: Great 15 – Minor 5

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