Putin: We are following the path of persuasion to vaccinate against Corona instead of forcing it

10:00 pm

Sunday 05 December 2021

Moscow – (AA):

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that the Russian authorities chose to persuade citizens to vaccinate against the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), rather than force them to do so.

“The most important task is actually to vaccinate the population,” Putin said – during a video call with Francesco Rocca, president of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies – “and we are trying to follow the path of persuasion rather than coercion, we are trying to combat biased opinions and prejudices against vaccination in this way.” .

The Russian president stated that the policy of convincing people of the need to vaccinate against coronavirus infection is paying off in Russia, adding, “I must say that in general, and especially recently, we see that it is paying off.. It is important to convince people so that they understand that vaccination is necessary.” .

Regarding the effectiveness of the Russian vaccine, Putin said, “The data received from different countries indicate that the Corona virus vaccine is among the most efficient and safe in the world.” He added, “Millions of people have been vaccinated with a Russian vaccine and the analysis of the data we receive indicates that the vaccine The Russian one is among the most effective vaccines from the point of view of protection against Covid-19 and is safe in terms of the absence of any effects,” and pointed out that he was vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik vaccine.


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