‘Gangdong Night School’ was selected as the first recipient of the KT Hope Sharing Impression Award.

The entrance ceremony of ‘Kangdong Night School’, the first recipient of the KT Hope Sharing Award. Provided by the KT Group Hope Sharing Foundation

The KT Group Hope Sharing Foundation announced on the 6th that it has awarded the ‘KT Hope Sharing Award’ to those who have contributed to creating a sustainable society through sharing activities this year.

The ‘KT Hope Sharing Award’ is an award first established by the KT Group Hope Sharing Foundation this year to encourage the activities of those who have contributed to creating beautiful social values ​​through sharing and to spread the value of sharing. Selection is made through a screening and interview process based on social contribution, the value, importance, and continuity of the contributed role.

The first prize winner was Gangdong Night School, an educational school that provides free elementary, middle, and high school courses to senior citizens who have missed out on educational opportunities.

Since opening in 1989, Gangdong Night School has been operated with meaningful support and free volunteer service from teachers. Every year, 20 to 25 teachers are active, and about 40 students are receiving education with the goal of passing the high school GED. More than 95% of the 40 students are in their 50s and 70s, and 5 to 6 students each year have produced a total of 300 high school graduates so far.

Teachers at Gangdong Night School said, “Even though the funds are insufficient due to the decrease in donations due to COVID-19, the night school will continue as long as there are at least one trainee left. ” he said.

In addition to Gangdong Night School, Kim Yun-kyung (47) of ‘Rising Sun Restaurant’ provides 1,000 won meals for the needy, and Hong Yun-hee (46) of ‘Muui’, a cooperative that makes maps for the convenience of movement for the disabled (46), 17 Sang-goo Kang (53), who gives free glasses to the elderly for a year, and Seong-tae Kim (44), a teacher at Gwangyang Hi-Tech High School, who is working as a volunteer to solve community problems with young people, won this award.

Detailed sharing activities of each recipient can be found on the foundation website (www.ktgf.or.kr).

The KT Group Hope Sharing Foundation said, “We will continue to discover hope-sharing people who are silently active in various parts of our society to spread the practice of sharing and create a society in which we live together.”


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