1.5 billion pounds, net profit of Nasser Social Bank during 2021

01:13 PM

Thursday 30 December 2021

I wrote – Manal Al-Masry:

Nasser Social Bank said, in a statement today, Thursday, that it achieved a net profit of about 1.5 billion pounds during the current year, and the bank’s budget amounted to 29 billion pounds.

Nasser Social Bank is the first specialized bank in micro savings, according to the statement.

The loan portfolio increased during the current year, and the net financing granted to clients amounted to 20 billion pounds, and the volume of deposits increased by 44% during the current year to reach 13 billion pounds, according to the statement.

Mohamed Ashmawy, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the bank, said that the bank aims to actively participate in sustainable development and integrate with the strategy of the Ministry of Solidarity in implementing the financial aspect as its financial arm by offering attractive models for micro-savings with innovative and new products and providing the best banking services by easy and highly efficient means. It has introduced several credit programs that focus on economic empowerment for women, both through the Mastoura initiative, in cooperation with the Long Live Egypt Fund, and empowering youth by promoting employment and medium and microfinance initiatives such as participatory transport initiatives.

He added that the bank aims in the new year to provide the best banking services with easy and highly efficient means and to provide models of micro, small and medium financing with innovative models, with a focus on financing for comprehensive development projects and contributing to community projects to support and assist people with disabilities and help prevent or reduce disability. before it happens.


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