20 drug cases and execution of sentences.. the Ministry of the Interior pursues criminal elements in Qalyubia

05:36 AM

Thursday 30 December 2021

Books – Alaa Omran:

The Public Security Sector, with the participation of the General Department for Drug Control in the Anti-Drugs Sector, and the Unlicensed Weapons and Ammunition, and the security services in the Qalyubia Security Directorate directed a security campaign backed by groups from the Central Security Sector targeting the Toukh Police Station Department and a number of departments, sections and centers within the Qalyubia Security Directorate.

Its efforts resulted in the seizure of 8 firearms and white weapons, and the seizure of 20 cases of drug trafficking, during which a quantity of various narcotics were seized in the possession of 25 defendants, “9 of whom had criminal information.”

In addition, 8 fugitive suspects and observers were arrested, 7,563 various court rulings were implemented, the necessary legal measures were taken, and the campaigns are continuing.


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