300 international researches in 3 years.. Al-Rai: The National Water Research Center has achieved a great leap

10:35 AM

Thursday 30 December 2021

Books – Ahmed Massad:

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, said that the National Water Research Center has achieved a great leap during the past few years in the international classification and the number of scientific research published in international scientific journals, which has contributed to the inclusion of the center’s name in the international classification platforms and the center has progressed to become an international center Distinguished in water sciences.

And, in a statement, today, Thursday, Abdel-Aty explained that, in order to achieve this boom, scientific policies have been implemented to keep pace with distinguished international scientific centers by motivating researchers at the center to pay attention to publishing research in high-quality scientific journals and not only focus on the numbers of published research, where research competitions were organized. Honoring distinguished researchers at the center, granting international publishing rewards, motivating young researchers to obtain scientific degrees from prestigious universities at home and abroad, and cooperating with research bodies inside and outside Egypt, in addition to organizing many seminars with international publishers such as ELSEIVER, and the name of the center was included in the list of centers The Egyptian research joint in the higher education initiative with the international publishing house Springer Nature, which covers the costs of international publication for researchers in various fields.

He added that this interest resulted in the center’s progress in the field of scientific research in the field of water research and the publication of more than 300 international researches bearing the name of the center during the past three years, including 104 research during the year 2021 and based on the classification of the “CiteScore” index on the SciVal website for the year 2021 for scientific institutions in The scientist, whose evaluation depends on the number of research published in high-quality scientific journals, the center’s researchers have published the highest number of research in the best 25% of international journals in the world at 53%, which is considered a high percentage compared to other Egyptian research bodies, which is a new point of distinction It is added to the research center’s record and the center’s success in achieving its policy of improving the quality of publication, which contributes to raising the international classification of the center globally.

He stressed that the center is moving with firm steps towards achieving a new achievement to raise the international classification through a package of measures, the most important of which is the formation of a committee for international classifications last September, which is concerned with working on creating an electronic infrastructure to translate the center’s research activities and upload it to globally approved platforms, and to communicate with classification bodies. To raise the center’s classification to the rank it deserves regionally and internationally.

It is worth noting that the National Water Research Center is the research arm of the ministry, and includes 12 institutes in addition to the central laboratories for environmental monitoring and the strategic research unit. Qualitative and qualitative methods of managing water resources.​


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