After 12 years, a court ruling compensates Khaled Saeed’s heirs one million pounds

02:20 PM

Thursday 30 December 2021

Cairo – Masrawy:

The Third Circuit, “Total Compensation” in New Cairo, issued a court ruling to compensate two of the heirs of the Alexandrian youth Khaled Saeed, who was tortured and killed in 2010, with one million pounds in lawsuit No. 152 of 2018.

Khaled passed away on June 6, 2010, after being tortured by a police officer and a police sergeant.

The Criminal Court punished the two policemen with a ten-year hard prison sentence for what was attributed to them by arresting Khaled Saeed unlawfully, and using cruelty and physical torture depending on their job until he breathed his last.

On March 4, 2014, the Court of Cassation upheld the ruling.

In March 2018, Khaled Saeed’s heirs filed a lawsuit to demand that the defendants pay two million pounds as compensation for the material and moral damages they sustained as a result of what happened to their legacies.

The case was circulated until the court issued its ruling obligating the defendants jointly to pay to Khaled’s heirs one million Egyptian pounds as compensation for material and moral damages.

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