“Alexa” is accused of inciting a child to a serious challenge, and the platforms are buzzing… What is the relationship between Tik Tok?

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The challenge launched by the Amazon voice assistant “Alexa” for a girl; An uproar in social media platforms because of its danger, and opened the door to question the level of safety of artificial intelligence products, especially for children.

The Eighth Bulletin – Your Newsletter (12/30/2021) monitored the account of Kristin Livdahl, the girl’s mother, on her Twitter account; “My 10-year-old daughter asked Alexa on our Echo to suggest a challenge and this is what she said,” she said. The mother attached to her tweet a photo of Alexa’s response to the order requested by her daughter.

“This is what I found online. According to ourcommunitynow.com: The challenge is simple: Plug a phone charger about halfway into a wall socket, then touch the exposed prongs with a coin,” the challenge reads.

The challenge that Alexa proposed to the girl had started on the “Tik Tok” platform more than a year ago, and witnessed widespread controversy and attempts by the authorities to prevent its spread.

Amazon responded to the girl’s mother’s tweet, and said – in what appeared to be an automatic response – “Hello. Sorry to hear this! Please contact us directly via the following link so that we can look into this matter with you in more detail,” but in comments According to the media, “Amazon” said that it had updated “Alexa” to prevent the voice assistant from suggesting such activity in the future.

In response to Alexa’s challenge, Shamsan Abdel Hai demanded that the developer be prosecuted because of the danger in the challenge, so he wrote, “A trial, we will not be satisfied without the trial of those who caused these mistakes! Technologies entered our lives and the lives of our children, compulsorily and not by choice, and such errors should not be tolerated.”

While the tweeter Asim Khayat believes that improving the research system will solve such problems, and he said, “The research and interactive system must be improved, because the problem is from the patient to the dissemination of a challenge like this and the sites that accept its publication, there is no power and no strength except with God.”

In turn, journalist Hani Al-Adimi believes that the development of technology does not mean dispensing with human beings, so he tweeted, “One of the problems of technology .. no matter how advanced technology and even artificial intelligence, there is no alternative to human work.”


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