Algeria: 12 new cases of the Omicron mutant

08:36 PM

Thursday 30 December 2021

Algeria – (ASA):

This evening, Thursday, Algeria announced the registration of 12 new cases of the Corona virus (Omicron). The total number of infected cases so far is 16.

The Pasteur Institute for Medical Research in Algeria said in a statement today that the discovered infected cases are related to 6 Algerians who were accompanied by previously confirmed cases, 2 others coming from France, and 4 people of foreign nationality.

The statement indicated that one of the foreigners infected with Omicron came from Britain, and 3 of those infected with Omicron came from Mauritania.

It is noteworthy that the Pasteur Institute Algeria, which was established in 1894, belongs to the international network of Pasteur Institutes consisting of 33 institutes that cooperate among themselves in the areas of prevention, health protection and control of infectious and parasitic diseases.

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