American political stations in 2021.. How did the Biden administration deal with foreign issues?

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The episode “From Washington” focused on the most prominent American political stances during 2021, and the administration of President Joe Biden’s dealings with major issues of the world and the region, in addition to his dealings with the crisis of democracies at home and abroad.

The case of the storming of the US Congress on January 6 was the most prominent event in the United States of America. The operation was intended to prevent members of Congress from certifying the results of the presidential election in which former President Donald Trump lost.

Commenting on the administration of Democratic President Joe Biden with the issue of the storming of Congress, Al-Jazeera correspondent Bisan Abu Kweik said that after Biden took office, a parliamentary trial of Trump was held, which was characterized by some support from the Republicans, but he was eventually acquitted, and a committee was formed to investigate the events of the storming, which is continuing. In its investigations, it will hold public sessions next year, awaiting its results and determining who planned and incited the storming of Congress.

The events of the storming of Congress have deepened the partisan division in the United States of America, as a section of Republican representatives believe that these events have been exaggerated, while their Democratic counterparts describe these events as an attempt at a coup against American democracy.

American legislation was also presented during 2021 – especially in the Senate – on the occasion of World Press Day, but it was a record of positions to encourage press freedom.

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As for the researcher at the Middle East Institute in Washington, Hassan Mneimneh, he confirmed – in his speech to an episode (12/30/2021) of the “From Washington” program – that American democracy is immune to the existence of institutions, noting that judicial institutions have not kept pace with what he called the coup attempt against democracy. He also said that the predicament in the United States does not lie in the crisis of democracy, but in the existing cultural schizophrenia.

The episode also dealt with American political positions during 2021, on major issues in the world and the region, such as the Iranian nuclear file, withdrawal from Afghanistan, tensions with Russia and challenges with China, in addition to Iraqi-American relations.

Regarding the Vienna negotiations on the Iranian nuclear file, the researcher at the Middle East Institute in Washington commented that each party speaks a different language. Iran sees the agreement as the goal and end, while Washington never needed the agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and that The 2015 agreement between Tehran and the West was intended to build confidence with Iran and restore it to the international community, an opportunity he said the Iranians missed.

Mneimneh also explained that Biden’s policy in dealing with China is the same as that pursued by former President Barack Obama and after him Donald Trump, and the American vision stipulates that China is the first rival of the United States in the 21st century, and he also stressed that there is no solid American strategy in dealing with Iraq.

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