An Iraqi woman recovers her lost gold 11 years after it was lost

Despite the passage of 11 years since she lost the gold jewelry that she was hiding to prepare her two daughters for marriage when the share came, Nakhsheen Omar did not give up her hope and she continued to always pray to God with a humble heart and culminated that with the performance of Umrah. God did not disappoint her; He returned to her what she had lost and returned joy and happiness to her family.

Nakhshin, 54, says that in late June 2010, she hid about 400 grams of gold inside a black bag and put it in one of the kitchen cupboards of her home in Shaqlawa, Erbil Governorate (Iraqi Kurdistan), and a few days later a new kitchen cabinet was purchased, but one of her two daughters – who was 11 years old at the time – threw everything inside the old cupboard into the trash can outside the house, without her mother’s reviewing. Then the cleaning car came and collected the neighborhood trash.

When the mother found out about the matter, she went to the waste collection site and started looking for what she wanted, but to no avail. She was very shocked, but in the end she entrusted her matter to her Lord.

With the date of the wedding of her two daughters approaching in the middle of this year, about 11 years after the loss of gold, Nakhshin went again to the waste collection site, to search again, hoping that she would be lucky and find the gold, but all her attempts were unsuccessful.

The Iraqi lady’s face turned red from the intense heat of the sun at the time, and her deep sadness over the loss of gold, and there was only one day left for her two daughters’ wedding, which forced her husband, Mam Dara, who works as a taxi driver, to take care of buying gold for his two daughters, to relieve them of their embarrassment in front of their husbands’ families, so he bought them They went for more than 10 thousand dollars, but all of that did not heal the sad mother’s chest over the loss of her gold.

We fear that she went to God and performed the Umrah, and she insisted on praying that the gold she had lost be returned to her (Al-Jazeera Net)

Response after 11 years

What was deepening Nakhshin’s wound more than the loss of gold at that time – as she says – is what she used to hear from neighbors and relatives of false accusations, that the matter was fabricated by them or that one of her children took the gold, and she remembers those moments – in her talk to Al Jazeera Net – with red eyes from a lot of crying However, she redresses – and her tongue utters thanks to God for the return of her gold – saying, “Every day I was begging God to help us find the gold… and he did not disappoint us.”

Nakhshin did not disappoint that God would return the gold jewelry to her, even if the response to her supplication was delayed. Nevertheless, she decided to visit the House of God last November to perform Umrah, and to increase her call to God to respond to her supplication, so she begged Him as she pointed to the Kaaba, saying: “Oh! My Lord, if the one who found gold is poor, then bless him with gold, and if he is rich, I hope that you will soften his heart so that he can return it to us.”

This time, it was only a week after Nakhshin’s return from the Umrah that God responded to it; Someone knocked on the door of her house and gave her 11,800 dollars, saying that this amount was the value of the gold that she lost years ago and sold it at the time. The woman insisted on giving Rizgar Hamad 1500 dollars equivalent to him to return the money.

Rizgar Hamad, 33, who found gold while collecting coins in a landfill, heard in his dream a voice calling for him to return the gold to its owner. More than 11 years have passed since his loss.

Hamad’s search for Nakhshin took about a whole week – according to what he told Al Jazeera Net – the same period during which God responded to the mother’s prayer after her return from performing the Umrah, so he handed her – in the presence of the cleric Mullah Omar – the price of the gold jewelry that he sold at the time at the amount of 11 thousand and 800 dollars.

According to Mulla Omar, it would have been more appropriate, with praise, to return the gold itself or the equivalent of its weight to Nakhshin, and not what he obtained from the value of his sale 11 years ago, except that Nakhsheen accepted that.

According to the current price of gold, the value of the gold that Nakhshin lost is more than $30,000.

Regarding the loss of gold and finding it, Mam Dara (61 years old) says that halal money will never be lost no matter how long the time, and haram money will not last no matter how much and how much it increases.

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