Bad weather.. 3 urgent directions from the supply to face weather fluctuations

04:52 PM

Thursday 30 December 2021

Books – Muhammad Sami:

The Ministry of Supply and Foreign Trade raised its preparations to face the wave of bad weather.

Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, directed the heads of wholesale companies (general – Egyptian) to disburse replacement outlets for supplying goods for the next month.

The minister stressed the directors of the directorates to launch daily campaigns to ensure that bakeries operate on schedule, as well as outlets for distributing food commodities, so that the citizen can obtain his entitlements of support, whether in bread or food commodities that are spent on the support card.

For his part, Ahmed Kamal, the deputy minister and the official spokesman for the ministry, said that the minister received a report from the heads of the two wholesale companies (general – Egyptian), to start disbursing the first quarter of January to the outlets in preparation for their disbursement to citizens as of the beginning of the month.

He stressed that there is a strategic stockpile in each bakery of up to 3 days of flour, as more than 25 commodities are available in the supply outlets, adding that the ministry pumps 4,000 tons of sugar daily, 3,000 tons of rice and 100 tons of pasta.

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