Bad weather wave.. Important alert from endowments regarding prayer in mosques

10:05 AM

Thursday 30 December 2021

Books – Mahmoud Mostafa:

The Ministry of Awqaf called on all imams and preachers to take into account the requirements of the situation and economy in the sermon, that the two sermons be in a maximum of ten minutes, and that this time should not exceed this time in any case, given the wave of bad weather that the country is facing.

The Ministry of Awqaf emphasized that all inspectors and directorate leaders should confirm this and follow up the implementation, and refer any violator to the investigation and the values ​​committee at the Ministry’s general office, and cancel the permit of any preacher violating this.

She stressed that heavy rain is an excuse for those who find hardship and difficulty in attending Friday or congregational prayers, noting that our religion is based on ease, with no hardship or burden.

She stressed the commitment of imams and mosque workers to their work, stressing that the license is for worshipers and not for workers.

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