Closing and waxing of a factory for filling motor oils in the row

09:05 PM

Thursday 30 December 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

The Department of Supply Investigations and the Class Supply Office, south of Giza, managed to seize a factory for filling car engine oils of unknown origin.

Information received and confirmed by investigations that the director of a factory for filling motor oils in the village of Ghamazah Al-Kubra uses oils for production requirements that do not conform to specifications and exploits trademarks without a license from the competent authorities and without authorization from these companies.

Following the legalization of the procedures, the mission targeted the factory and it was possible to seize 19,500 liters of car oil of unknown origin, 9 thousand empty jerrycans, 4 thousand and 500 empty cartons, 5 thousand stickers, the factory seals and the production date, as well as two packaging machines.

The forces seized the equipment and products prepared for sale, and the factory was closed and waxed, and the necessary report was drawn up.

The campaign came within the framework of catering efforts to tighten control over factories and brands to protect consumers from fraud and commercial fraud.

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