Coca-Cola pledges to create 5,000 jobs as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program in 2022

07:08 PM

Thursday 30 December 2021

(Editorial announcement)

On the occasion of the festive season, Coca-Cola pledged to provide job opportunities for youth, women and other groups in Upper and Delta Egypt, in order to achieve the company’s goal of “revitalizing the world and making a real difference”.

The Coca-Cola Company is set to create 5,000 jobs under its Corporate Social Responsibility program in 2022, through the “Your Bike Your Income” initiative, which provides bikes for young people under the age of 28 to use them to work in the delivery service. The Coca-Cola Microfinance Program in cooperation with “Tadamon” also contributes to financing small projects, kiosks, and other initiatives with the aim of creating a sustainable living life for women and other groups and helping them fight poverty.

These efforts and initiatives come within the framework of Coca-Cola’s commitment to the Egyptian people and its support for the President’s initiative entitled “A Dignified Life”, which contributes to improving the standard of living of people in the poorest rural communities in line with the sustainable development strategy: Egypt’s Vision 2030.

Commenting on this, Moataz Abdel Rahman, General Manager of The Coca-Cola Company, said, “We hope to succeed in drawing a smile on people’s faces in 2022 after the economic repercussions imposed by the pandemic, by creating job opportunities and sustainable living standards for people of different backgrounds. We have always been keen to adhere to our corporate social responsibility program, support sustainable development, and apply environmental protection and social responsibility standards through initiatives of recycling, water management, and empowering women and youth.”

The Coca-Cola Company’s distinguished activities as part of its corporate social responsibility include connecting water supplies and launching pioneering initiatives in the field of sustainable packaging, such as: a world without waste and circular economy projects.

About the Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company is a soft drink company whose products are sold in more than 200 countries and territories. Our company aims to revitalize the world and make a real difference. The company sells billions of dollars worth of brands across soft drinks around the world. Together with our mobilization partners, we employ more than 700,000 people, providing economic opportunities for local communities worldwide.

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