From ‘symbol of innovation’ to ‘stumbling block’… Jun-seok Lee’s position in the party has changed in half a year

Public opinion burdened by daily criticism
Attacks from inside and outside the party, allies missing
“It’s like this time of Hoi-chang” bittersweet

CEO Lee Jun-seok listening to questions. yunhap news

People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok (pictured) poses a risk for presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol. President Lee continues to criticize Candidate Yoon and his predecessor. CEO Lee said on the 30th, “I’m worried that[Yoon]will be similar to when President Lee Hoi-chang lost the 2002 presidential election.” There are also concerns that Lee, who has been called a symbol of the people’s power and innovation, will become an obstacle to his victory in the presidential election in half a year. As general election chairman Kim Jong-in and CEO Lee are scheduled to meet on the 31st, there is a possibility of a dramatic coordination of internal redness.

CEO Lee wrote on the social networking service (SNS) that he had no intention of returning to his predecessor. He wrote, “I expect you to focus on election measures rather than Lee Jun-seok measures.” This is a rebuttal to the report that CEO Lee had said the day before with the intention of ‘if candidate Yoon changes, he can return’.

In an interview with the Hankook Ilbo, CEO Lee criticized the problems of the election committee piece by piece, saying, “Is my return to the senior leadership such a big problem?” “I am only going to see whether it is Moon Jae-in or not” and “Everyone is floating around the welfare next to the candidate.” Referring to the 2002 presidential election, President Lee said, “At the time, I asked if a candidate with lower specifications compared to President Lee (Hoe-chang) would be an opponent, but it was poisonous. it’s still the same Candidate Yoon said, ‘How can we discuss with criminals?’ That’s our perception.”

Candidate Yoon drew a line in the renewal of the previous leadership requested by President Lee. At a press conference with the Daegu City Party, Candidate Yoon argued that “the renewal of the election captain with two months left before the election is a very malicious offensive.”

Inside and outside the party, the pressure on President Lee is growing. Criticism within the party is boiling to the extent that some of the first-elected lawmakers who were friendly to Lee have mentioned resigning as representative. I can’t even hear the voices defending against the attacks of some hard-line conservative YouTubers. Kim Min-jeon, chairman of the Joint Election Committee, said on YTN Radio the day before that the allegation of Lee’s representative raised by a far-right YouTuber “must be thoroughly verified.”

Seong Il-jong, a member of the National Assembly, said on SNS, “CEO Lee must take the lead for the election of Candidate Yoon without any conditions.” Former lawmaker Lee Eon-ju said on TBS radio, “If the conflict is not resolved, we have no choice but to go to the candidate strategy.”

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