Iran successfully launches a satellite-carrying missile

01:40 PM

Thursday 30 December 2021

Tehran- (DPA):

A spokesman for the Iranian Defense Ministry’s Outer Space Force announced the successful launch of the “Simerge” satellite carrier rocket.

The Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) quoted the spokesman, Ahmad Hosseini, as saying that the missile was loaded with three shipments of scientific and research equipment.

He stressed that the launch of the missile “achieved all the targeted scientific and research goals, in accordance with the tasks assigned to this carrier missile.”

Hosseini said that after Iran possessed the ability to launch satellites via the “Safir” and “Qased” missiles carrying small satellites, a program to develop vectors with longer ranges was approved, and accordingly the Simorgh satellite carrier development project was adopted.

According to the Iranian government, the satellites collect data on weather, natural disasters and agriculture. It asserts that Iranian satellites have nothing to do with military purposes.

Nevertheless, the United States and Israel oppose Iran’s satellite program, fearing that Iran will use this technology to develop long-range military missiles.

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