Kim Ji-hyung “You can’t buy ‘value’ or ‘people’ in Samsung that breaks the law”

Kim Ji-hyeong, Chairman of Samsung Compliance. material photo

Kim Ji-hyeong, chairman of the Samsung Compliance Committee, whose tenure is due to expire in early February next year, posted a year-end address on the committee’s website on the 30th and left a message urging “Samsung should sell ‘value’, not ‘product’. He also said, “(Samsung) should make more profits through ‘people’ rather than ‘profits’.” Chairman Kim said, “Just as BTS has ‘army’, Samsung should have many global fans who agree with its value.” “Of course, you cannot achieve all ‘values’ just by obeying the law. But at least you can’t buy ‘value’ or leave ‘people’ in a Samsung that breaks the law.” Chairman Kim said, “The compliance monitoring of the committee is also one way to reach that dream, and it is the first one I have taken.” The Samsung Supervisory Commission was launched in February last year and conducts compliance monitoring activities for seven major affiliates of the Samsung Group, including Samsung Electronics. Attorney Lee Chan-hee, who served as the president of the Seoul Regional Bar Association and the Korean Bar Association, has been appointed as the second chairperson. Chairman Kim said about Lee’s successor, “I know him as a person who has been constantly interested in corporate governance, etc. while working as a solidarity for participation as a young lawyer. I do,” he said in his year-end address. He emphasized, “If you add hope for the coming new year, the committee will be independent and continue its original and sustainable activities. “Vaccination is a preventative measure to protect health. It may hurt and you may not like it, but it is good to be right. for health It is health care that should not be left alone or loosely minded.” Chairman Kim said, “The Red Team that is not red or the watchdog that does not ‘watch’ is like a vaccine that has no efficacy. added. By Kim Young-bae, senior staff reporter [email protected]

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